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Your Little Nympho!

NOTE: "Oculus Link" and a PC is required for "Oculus Quest" Users!

Built from the ground up specifically for VR! No Refunds On Sales For Incompatablility!

Welcome to Nympho Trainer VR—an anime-inspired, light BDSM-themed VR game starring a cute, sex-addicted kitty girl trained to please her Master! As her Master, you use the whip, butt plugs, dildo and vibrator to make this multi-orgasmic girl cum over and over! We anticipate you might get too excited for the hands-on approach (or your hands may be needed elsewhere…) so sit back and let your little Nympho slave girl take care of you. Her hands and mouth are open and she’s ready to give you all the Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs & Fucks you desire! She's the ultimate horny girl—so you know this girl wants to FUCK!

Supported Platforms: Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Non-VR Windows

Interactive Toys!

You will have a wide range of toys to use on your little nympho. If you're feeling nice, you can use the Vibrator or Dildo until she cums! If she's been a naughty girl, you can use a Ball Gag or Whip to straighten her out! You can also restain her to an A-Cross and control a double Dildo Fuck Machine! And we can't forget her favorite toys are the variety of butt plug tails!

Physics Based Interactions

You can do whatever you like with your nympho, utilizing full VR Motion controller support! You can caress her boobs, put a sexy skirt on and then tear it apart for a sexy ripped skirt look! She also loves acting cute for you, so try giving her ears a pet! You can grab her hips to fuck her, or grab her head to pull her down and have her give you a blowjob! If you want, you can just sit back and let her do all the work, it's all up to you!

Multiple Scenes & Activities!

You can dress her up in the Dressing room how ever you like! Then you can teleport to all the fun HotSpot scenes! You can fuck her, get a BlowJob, or even strap her up to an A-Cross with a fuck machine that you can control! Force this little kitty girl to cum and squirt her cute little brains out! If she ever misbehaves, feel free to whip her back in line with the riding crop, or hold a vibrator wand on her clit to let her know she’s being a good little kitty!

Dressing Room!

Feeling in the mood for something different? Well you're in luck! Your nympho loves being whatever you want her to be! Dress her up as a kitty or a succubus (complete with wings!). Maybe in the mood for some school girl cosplay… well go for it! Want to fuck an alien, well you can do that too! Feel like changing her skin tone to change it up, we've got a wide range of color's from blue, green, white, tan, black and a whole lot more! Dress her up in kawaii bra’s (kawaii means really cute in Japanese) with some knee high socks. Want a different room color scheme, we have a lot of options to choose!

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